Pleasure Of Mussoorie

mussoorie (1)
Mussoorie is most popular hill station among any other hill stations of Uttarakhand. It is famous for its pleasant climate and scenic beauty of nature. The residential area is located at green lush valley and mountains. There are many guest house and hotel which provide all the facilities and accommodations to their customers. Many Foreigners tourists and local tourists come here on every season. It is place where many tourists can make their honeymoon memorable.

There are many popular places which are very scenic and famous for its natural beauty. For example GunHill : Gunhill is the main attraction point of mussoorie for the tourist because it is very important from its historical prospective, and

Kempty fall: A water fall is located almost 15 km from mussoorie called Kempty fall. This is the only water fall in mussoorie & dehradun which attract tourist most. If you will go at the time of summer then you can feel the coldness of water of that fall, be aware it can freeze you. Beside it there are many famous places to visit . People coming here to visit these places can stay at any good hotel according to their need and can have fun at all famous places of Mussoorie.
These hotel Provide all facilities and you can chose hotel according to your requirements.

For example Monarch Hotel is one of the best hotel of Mussoorie which provides good service to their customer at reasonable price. You can contact them at No.0135-2630303, 2630606

Address- Gandhi Chowk, Mussoorie
Uttarakhand – INDIA.


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