Why Haridwar




State Uttarakhand is called Dev Bhumi because of its religious cities and its natural beauty. In Uttarakhand, there are many beautyfull cities but the most famous city of Uttarakhand is Haridwar, it is also famous for its religious point of views. There are many exotic places which are good and viewable in Haridwar, Thousands of tourists come here every year, and have privilege of spiritual feelings here.

 Atmosphere of Haridwar is very spiritual; everywhere you can see lot of pilgrimagesand can participate in many religious events such as Ganga Aarti and Shiv Pujaa.There are many placed which are full of greenery and scenic beauty. Every tourists coming here get an unforgotten memories here. In Haridwar you can get every thing you need during your trip. All transport facilities are easily available. Many of good Hotel and Guest Houses also provide these all facilities such as accommodation and convince for making your trip comfortable. For Example Hotel Chitra Heritage is very nice hotel and provides all can facilities to their customer. You can Contact them at them at Contact No: +91 (0) 1334-600999

Address -Hotel Chitra Heritage

Chitra Cinema Street, Sharvan Nath Nagar,

Haridwar, (Uttarakhand)

India- 249401 .




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