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Why Haridwar




State Uttarakhand is called Dev Bhumi because of its religious cities and its natural beauty. In Uttarakhand, there are many beautyfull cities but the most famous city of Uttarakhand is Haridwar, it is also famous for its religious point of views. There are many exotic places which are good and viewable in Haridwar, Thousands of tourists come here every year, and have privilege of spiritual feelings here.

 Atmosphere of Haridwar is very spiritual; everywhere you can see lot of pilgrimagesand can participate in many religious events such as Ganga Aarti and Shiv Pujaa.There are many placed which are full of greenery and scenic beauty. Every tourists coming here get an unforgotten memories here. In Haridwar you can get every thing you need during your trip. All transport facilities are easily available. Many of good Hotel and Guest Houses also provide these all facilities such as accommodation and convince for making your trip comfortable. For Example Hotel Chitra Heritage is very nice hotel and provides all can facilities to their customer. You can Contact them at them at Contact No: +91 (0) 1334-600999

Address -Hotel Chitra Heritage

Chitra Cinema Street, Sharvan Nath Nagar,

Haridwar, (Uttarakhand)

India- 249401 .




Mussoorie Attraction

Mussoorie is referred as Queen of Hills, it is city of Uttarakhand state, and it is city which is the most popular among other cities of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand has many hill stations which are quite exotic and beautiful but Mussoorie is famous more then these hill stations. Mussoorie has many places which are perfect for tourism. A big crowd of tourists come here from all over the country.

 It full of green lush valley, Fountains, several sports activities they organized here.There are many ancient Churches, Temples which increase the importance of Musssoorie. It has famous Mall Road where you can buy everything you need having walk with scenic beauty of Mussoorie. There is Gun Hill Point that is good place to visit. Many Fountains here attracts tourists to visit and famous company garden is also a place Where you want to spend some times.

 Beside it Mussoorie is a well develop hill station where you can find every things you have need for making your trip comfortable. Here are many Hotels and Guest Houses which give their customer good service. Like as Monarc hotel that situated at near Mall Road prime location of Mussoorie. You can reach to them by Address- Gandhi Chowk, Mussoorie-Uttarakhand – INDIA,

 Contact No.- 0135-2630303, 2630606   


Memorable Place of Mussoorie

Image Mussoorie is place which can make anyone holidays memorable. There are many places which are full of scenic beauty, tremendous nature and climate. There are many significant places which perfect to spend holidays.

 There are some others falls which are also viewable and you can make your holidays unforgettable here for Example Bhatta Falls 7 km from Mussoorie on Mussoorie-Dehradun Road near BhattaVillage. A fall with different ponds for bathing and water amusements, ideal place for picnic. Jharipani Fall Located at 8.5 km from Mussoorie on Mussoorie-Jharipani road. Mossy Fall The fall is surrounded by a dense forest and is 7 km from Mussoorie. One can go there via Barlowganj or Balahisar and most famous Kempty Fall which is major tourist attraction of Mussoorie.

 In Mussoorie there are many activities to do which make holidays of tourists memorable like Snow Skating, Boating, and Skiing etc. People can have great pleasure of great places and several sports activities of Mussoorie. You can stay at any good Hotel of Mussoorie, in which you can get good service and all accommodation. For Example

Monac hotel which is one of the best hotel o0f Mussoorie and situated at prime location of Mussoorie. You can contact them at: +91-9719698150, +91-9761701010

ADDRESS -Gandhi Chowk, Mussoorie

Uttarakhand – INDIA   

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Pleasure Of Mussoorie

mussoorie (1)
Mussoorie is most popular hill station among any other hill stations of Uttarakhand. It is famous for its pleasant climate and scenic beauty of nature. The residential area is located at green lush valley and mountains. There are many guest house and hotel which provide all the facilities and accommodations to their customers. Many Foreigners tourists and local tourists come here on every season. It is place where many tourists can make their honeymoon memorable.

There are many popular places which are very scenic and famous for its natural beauty. For example GunHill : Gunhill is the main attraction point of mussoorie for the tourist because it is very important from its historical prospective, and

Kempty fall: A water fall is located almost 15 km from mussoorie called Kempty fall. This is the only water fall in mussoorie & dehradun which attract tourist most. If you will go at the time of summer then you can feel the coldness of water of that fall, be aware it can freeze you. Beside it there are many famous places to visit . People coming here to visit these places can stay at any good hotel according to their need and can have fun at all famous places of Mussoorie.
These hotel Provide all facilities and you can chose hotel according to your requirements.

For example Monarch Hotel is one of the best hotel of Mussoorie which provides good service to their customer at reasonable price. You can contact them at No.0135-2630303, 2630606

Address- Gandhi Chowk, Mussoorie
Uttarakhand – INDIA.

Flavor of Mussoorie


Mussoorie is a great place for tourism; there are many beautiful and exotic places to visit in it. Pleasant climate, green lush valley, high mountains, and good atmosphere these all things cast the spell to every tourists coming here. Every season in whole year tourists from country and abroad come here to visit. There are many famous places which is popular every where due to its scenic beauty in Mussoorie.

 You can see here people coming from different regions and culture, who spend their holidays here. In Mussoorie there are many places which are unforgettable and can make your holiday memorable. Mussoorie nearby stations also are beautiful and tourists also have lot of fun their.Mussoorie is a city where you can get every things you need, accommodations, transport, food, all kind of restaurants, a big Market for shopping., adventures sports You can find here. People want to stay here can book Hotel online, all kind Hotel you can get at your desired location For Example Monarch Hotel which is based at prime location Of Mussoorie and you can book hotel by contact at this No. for Reservation: +91-9897281765 

Address- Gandhi Chowk, Mussoorie

Uttarakhand – INDIA                                                                 

Why Holidays In Mussoorie

Mussoorie is hill station of UttarakhandState. It is also called  Queen of hills because its tremendous nature beauty. It include green valley and high mountains. All the times tourists from all over India like to visit here.

People coming from abroad also like to visit Mussoorie. The atmosphere of Mussoorie is vary calm and lovable, It winter season allmountains cover from snow look amazing. Mussoorie is a city in which people willing to visit here, can get all facilities, all type of convince they like Bus, Cab and local transports are available here and you can get all kind of food here like Chinese, Muglai, South Indian, Fast Foods and simple food.

There are many Hotels and Guest Houses in Mussoorie, all kind from two stars to seven stars Hotels available here. People want to spent their holiday can book any Hotel online or by their contact no For example Monarc Hotel in Mussoorie is one of the best Hotel at

Mussoorie, you can contact them at No.0135-2630303, 2630606 Address- Gandhi Chowk, Mussoorie
Uttarakhand – INDIA.